It is often said that "Nothing is impossible for Mina."

We are a highly skilled bridal atelier specialized in couture bridal design and European tailoring. Whether you are looking to have a custom-designed gown created just for you, or you want to perfectly alter your purchased dress and customized it to your body, we can help! We are also the ultimate destination to purchase or custom-designed your bridal accessories

We are by appointment only (without any long wait). This allows Mina to meet with each bride personally and give them all of her attention-- in privacy and without any distractions. To keep the studio calm and quite for our brides in fitting or consultation, we are unable to take phone calls or make calls to our clients. To make sure we are the right choice for you and to find answers to your questions, please consider viewing our FAQs.

Please note that we are only able to provide estimates and suggestions in person and during our official consultations and appointments.

To request an appointment, please kindly and patiently fill up the relevant form under Contact Us. All the fields are required as well as a reasonable budget for the project considering our higher skill. You may find this process somewhat odd, but once you use our services, you'll realize that completing the form was the hardest part of the whole process and the time was well spent!

Please make sure the service you are requesting an appointment for is included in the services we provide. We are unable to work on dresses that have been altered, need repairs after wear, are “vintage” or in bad condition or/and don´t meet the standards. We are unable to provide estimates, make suggestions or any recommendations over the phone or via email.

We have a great respect for reality shows producers and others who kindly contact us. However, our policy requires us to use all our limited resources and time on our brides in the privacy they deserve, and prohibits us from participating; and having roles in any

reality shows. That's why we have not accepted the previous offers and will have to pass the future opportunities.

For custom-designed and custom-made, hover on Contact Us then select Custom-Designed Gowns or Custom-Designed Accessories please very briefly describe what type of dresses or accessory/s you like, or don't like, and what you like to see in your dress or your accessory/s, upload pictures or sketches of designs you desire, also a full body picture of yourself would be helpful, and select your budget for our work.

For bridal alterations or couture evening gown alterations, hover on Contact Us then Bridal Alterations, or Evening Gown Alterations. Please up load your very recent pictures in your actual dress (not the sample dress), very briefly (bullet points) describe the work you need and changes you like to see in your dress, and select your budget for this project.

We do not provide consultations, suggestions, or estimates over the phone or online, and do not accept dresses that are poorly made and don’t meet the standards.

In fairness to our brides who actually use our services and products, we are committed to keep our cost under control by using our time and resources wisely, because of that, we hope to be contacted only by those who believe we are their best choice. For the same reason, although we charge consultation fee, we are unable to schedule appointments if in our initial assessment the budget seems unrealistic/too low for the project considering our higher skill. To keep the studio calm and quite for our brides in consultation or fitting, we are unable to take phone calls or make calls to our clients. Please read FAQs.

We softly steam the dresses we work on. We do not clean, press, or professionally steam gowns, all must be done professionally by a dry cleaner who have the proper heavy duty equipment and enough experience with gowns. Unfortunately, we do not have any contacts to recommend.

Services We Provide Include: