Mina Design & Tailoring has long been known as the only choice for brides who not only have higher standards, better taste, and want their guest's eyes to widen and jaws drop when they walk down the aisle, but also wish for stress free and smooth process when comes to their wedding dress.

We are known for being highly skilled, open minded, full of ideas, talented, upfront, honest, calm, with can do attitudes, and reasonable for what we do. We are skilled enough to undertake any projects and dresses; however, when comes to alterations, we do not accept dresses that have been altered or do not meet the standards. We required a sufficient budget and time for the projects, and rush fee applies to rush jobs and orders.

One look at a portion of our many reviews posted on well-known review sites will clear why so many of our clients are referrals.

Mina is absolutely amazing!

My sister purchased her bridal gown from a local boutique and they recommended Mina for the alterations. Armed with a "word of mouth" endorsement, we ventured to the first appointment with Mina only three months before my sister's wedding, unsure of what to expect, but excited about the process.

My sister wanted not only a great fit in the gown, but she also requested a couple of alterations, including removing mesh from the front and accessorizing it with a "little bling". Mina expertly did both, as well as hem the dress on the spot during the last appointment, which was just one week before my sister's big day.

Our experience with Mina was wonderful. She was knowledgeable, offering opinions and recommendations, yet, allowing the bride to ultimately make the final decisions. She was warm and patient, allowing Facetime to occur during the visits, giving us time for pictures, and answering questions that those present - and those who were afar - had. Mina was also flexible. My sister, nor any other of our family members, lived in LA. Mina was kind enough to ensure that my sister could get an appointment on the weekends when she was visiting town. And, she was professional. The alterations moved along in a timely fashion, she was prepared at each visit, and she was timely...to the minute!

Mina and her team are very structured, which may seem a little off-putting at first. But, once you're with her, you realize that's how she works and that because of the attention to detail and organization, she is able to give her best to each client. All communications are done online and it's a little tricky to get started. But, if you can figure out the process, it's totally worth it.

My sister's gown was stunning on her, thanks in part to the great work of Mina!

Maisha R.
Jacksonville, FL

How can you give her anything less than 5 stars! She is amazing!!!!

Mina made me a custom one of a kind dress for my wedding as well we as did alterations for my mom and 2 sisters. I wouldn't recommend anyone BUT Mina! She is beyond AMAZING!!!! Thank you for making my dress PERFECT FOR MY WEDDING!!!

Her work is swift and PEFRECT! She is also HONEST which is so amazing. . I am so grateful for YOU MINA THANK YOU!

Liz Pino
Los Angeles, CA

I just had my wedding on August 25th and Mina created my dress from scratch. I provided a picture of a celebrity in a gown that I loved and she literally recreated it. Not only is she amazing at her craft, she is the sweetest person and was fun to work with. She literally tailored the dress to me and it couldn't have been more stunning. I would recommend Mina to anyone ever looking for a dress to be created from scratch, or any tailoring needs at all.

Sara Horner
Venice, CA

Extremely talented, knowledgeable and professional! Understands how to work with brides and bridal gowns. Mina Designs has great mastery of beaded and embroidered gowns.

Jill Clark
Los Angeles, CA

As a plus-sized woman, I had my reservations about how my wedding gown would fit. I had a black-tie wedding, so I knew I had to have an amazing gown. I am so grateful that I found Mina. I brought my wedding gown to her for hemming and a bustle. When Mina reviewed my gown, she pointed out other details that I am sure a "normal" tailor would have missed. She made it so that I would be 100% comfortable in my gown all day, and even allowed me to go sans support since she was tailoring it to my exact body. It was truly amazing. Mina allowed me to really feel beautiful in my gown, rather than self-conscious. My (couture) photographer was also so in awe of the great fit of my gown, that we did additional photos of just me, the gown, and the veil. I cannot stress enough how important it is to have a great fitting gown, and proper veil. I was going to have a waist length veil originally, but with Mina's knowledgeable guidance of couture and sincere advice, I had the most stunning veil to go along with my gown. I am so happy I listened to her - it paid off tremendously.

I truly do not understand the negative feedback - mainly because most of these people never actually went to Mina so they cannot really speak to the wonderful experience. She is truly kind and really cares that her brides look and FEEL amazing. Everything is VERY clear on her website as to how she works, and as a business owner myself, I completely understand her guidelines. If you don't want to abide by her guidelines, please go elsewhere. She is truly gifted, and I am so happy our paths crossed.

Maylynn Jakubowski
Los Angeles, CA

I got my wedding dress altered by Mina. There are a few requirements that need to be met before you can go forward with her doing your alterations. It may seem like a lot but it is worth it. And she does it to give you the best results. As long as you meet her requirements everything else just flows. She is very professional and takes pride in everything she does. She is very flexible with her schedule and will even see you on her lunch break. I am beyond pleased with her work results. My dress fit amazing. Mina also did my wedding veil. I absolutely loved it. She custom made it to fit myself and dress perfectly. I thank you Mina for being part of my special day! I definitely recommend Mina for dress alterations/tailoring and your wedding day veil! Best wishes!

Julie Pena
Los Angeles, CA

I got my wedding dress altered by Mina. She made my dress fit me perfectly. It looked like a better version of the dress. She is amazing and did a beautiful job. She was very professional. I also bought my veil from her, which I loved. Thank you Mina for making my dress fit perfectly. I highly recommend Mina for alterations she is very talented.

Kate London
Los Angeles, CA

Mina is the very best and I recommend her to all my friends!

I had purchased a beautiful, extremely delicate, full lace dress for my May wedding, but knew that I needed some extensive alterations and adjustments to make it perfect. I reached out to Mina for a consultation and she immediately started working her magic. With each appointment, my dress was transformed into a stunning custom fit! On my wedding day, I couldn't have asked for anything more perfect.

She is so welcoming and put me completely at ease throughout the process, always going above and beyond my expectations.

Mina is the best decision you can make! Thank you Mina for everything!

Tiffany Dearth
Los Angeles

Mina is fantastic! Some may view her way of operating as kind of strict but it really does work well in the end. Her scheduling manager is incredibly responsive and understanding of scheduling needs. If you're reasonable, they're reasonable. The fittings themselves were always efficient and Mina really takes the time to listen to you and ensure you feel good about things. She is an expert at what she does and it was very reassuring throughout the process. She made my dress fit perfectly and I could not have been happier with her work. Would highly recommend her!

Sireenah Siman
Manhattan, NY

5 well deserved stars. I took my dress to Mina based on Yelp reviews for the Miss California USA pageant. I have done 3 pageants before in NY and had a seamstress I swore by (I placed very high and was very particular about who was altering my very expensive dresses). Being new in CA I needed to find someone who knew what they were doing and Mina certainly fit that bill. She was so kind and professional and she was so accommodating with my schedule! Scheduling via email was easy, efficient and professional. I can go on and on. She is a true professional, knows what she is doing and I would recommend her to absolutely anyone!! I love her!! Thank you Mina!! (I added photos but I'm not sure how Yelp works so they're somewhere on this page!)

Michelle Medoff
Los Angeles, CA

Mina was amazing!

I worked with Mina to alter my wedding dress, which happened to arrive very close to my wedding date. After reaching out to her, she immediately booked an appointment and got right to work. She altered my dress to perfection under a very tight timeline. I would definitely recommend, Mina!

Magdalena Mango
Santa Monica, CA

I am so glad I chose Mina to alter my wedding dress! I purchased a Sarah Seven lace dress from Lovely Bridal and all of the alterations suggestions they gave said they didn't have time to take me on as a client. I looked online and found Mina and she scheduled an appointment with me right away.

My dress was very complicated as it was all lace and had to be shortened from the waist in order to keep the scallop edging at the bottom. I also wanted to add only the jeweled portion of two belts I bought with my dress. She did everything in a timely manner and even replaced the zipper and added a couple jewels (which she sourced!) to fill in where the belt came together.

My dress was incredible and fit like a glove! I am so happy with the result and the quality of Mina's work!

Lauren Foremsky
Venice, CA

Mina was wonderful!

I had a very specific image of what I wanted for my wedding dress and ended up buying something completely different. What I found just felt right, but I knew I wanted to make some changes and it needed to be taken in quite a bit.

Mina certainly delivered. The dress was a perfect fit and the train was exactly the length I wanted. I could not have been happier. Her experience shows in her work and I would recommend her to anyone. Thank you Mina!!!

Cathy Pitoun
Los Angeles, CA

I feel so lucky to have found Mina. I bought my dress at Kleinfeld's in NYC and they recommended Mina Design and Tailoring. I felt so beautiful in my dress at our wedding and it was because of Mina's skill and thoughtfulness. She is a wonderful person and will work hard to make you happy and look your absolute best.

My dress was made of lace and the fit was complicated. Each time I went back, my dress was more beautiful and fit my body like a custom dress. The final out come was perfect! I uploaded a photo to show the back, which is the highlight of the dress. I cannot recommend Mina more.

Shelagh Hoffman
Los Angeles, CA

A Tailoring Angel!

Mina took me in on very short notice and I was extremely grateful. I had purchased a brand new Lazaro 3818 a whole size and a half bigger than I needed. Since the dress is all lace and tulle I was worried about what tailoring would do to it. Mina basically took it apart and reconstructed it and the dress ended up fitting me absolutely perfectly and looked like it came straight off the rack.

She is a very sweet, patient, kind and caring woman. She is also an excellent designer with a very skilled eye. She seems to know your body and exactly what the dress needs to make you look fabulous.

You will not regret a single penny that you pay for having the peace of mind of perfection. I had sooo many compliments on my wedding day and I felt glorious.

The only regret I had was buying a custom corset BEFORE I took my dress to Mina. Once she was done with my dress I didn't even need it! THANK YOU!!!!!! Love you Mina!

Jessica Daniel
Los Angeles, CA

Let me just say, Mina is a miracle worker.

I bought my dream wedding dress for an arm and a leg at Kleinfeld's in New York. When it arrived, I took it to Mina for the fitting. I'm pear shaped so it fit perfect on my hips but I need the dress taken in on top, where there was intricate lace and tulle. She put in boning to hide my lumps, and cups which allowed me to wear the dress without a bra (thank goodness!)

By the time Mina was done, she had turned this form fitting dress into something that made me look like a sexy curvy goddess. The dress fit like a dream...

Mina really pours her heart and soul into her work and she does the best alterations ever. She won't give you a bad alteration job. She'll keep working on it until it's perfect.

Shermine M.
West Hills, CA

Mina made the dress perfect. I bought an unfinished dress and was worried about the bust line and about making it perfect. Mina worked and made the dress beautiful. She was also EXTREMELY professional and had me back for several fittings to make sure it was perfect. I would recommend Mina and plan to use her to tailor all of my gowns.

Catherine E.
Reseda, CA

Mina is the best, period.

When I first met Mina, my dress was too big and the skirt was too puffy, which made the bustle a bit much for my taste. I was overwhelmed and second guessing my choice, but Mina simply grabbed the fabric and said not to worry. Boy was she right! I came back for a second fitting and the skirt flowed beautifully. We realized I had lost a whole size since our first fitting, and Mina was soo nice even with the extra work this created. My dress' top was extremely complex and I'm sure she had to remake the dress from scratch.

Everyone at the wedding raved about how perfectly the dress fit me! My sister already told Mina she'll bring her dress when her big day comes, and I recommend her blindly, regardless of what your dress looks like/needs.

Mina, thank you! You made my special day that much more special.

Ana Martinez
San Marino, CA

Mina did a superb job with my Monique Lhuillier wedding gown. It was about two sizes too big, and when I bought the dress I was regretting my purchase. I brought it to Mina because she was the top of the list of recommended tailors. Now I know why she was at the top. She is amazing. Not only is she sweet, she really knows what she is doing. She ended up making my tulle and lace gown fit to my body like a glove! It now looks like the dress was made for me. I'm just thrilled to wear it at my wedding. Also, she made me a gorgeous bejeweled sash and hairband also encrusted with rhinestones and crystals. I bought the sash and hairband, and it really does put the whole look together. She's a true gem in LA. Mina knows how to work with couture gowns. She even added extra tulle at the bottom of my trumpet gown to make it look fuller. I'm just so impressed by her work. She is worth every dollar she charges! I have no regrets! Highly recommend her!

P.S. If you are looking for a jewel-encrusted sash, she makes them by hand and the quality is so much better than what you would find on Etsy or any bridal shop.

Sasha N.
Chino Hills, CA

Mina did an amazing job on my wedding dress. My dress was two sizes too big. How she tailored it to my body was incredible!!! I would trust her with any dress! Her attention to detail is phenomenal. I cannot say enough about her!!

Krista R.
Glendale, CA

My future daughter in law took her wedding gown to Mina for alterations and I took my dress to her for fitting as well. Her work was exceptional and the cost was very fair.

She is a true professional and very talented in her craft. I would not hesitate to recommend her and to bring additional work to her in the future.

Claudia C.
Los Angeles, CA

Mina far exceeded my expectations!!!

I found out about her online & I was going to go to a regular cleaners& get my wedding gown altered but read so many reviews on how unhappy women were because they were trying to cut corners on their wedding budget& how they hate looking at the pictures of them in their gown because they got what they paid for.

At first I was intimidated just reading Mina's resume. I mean she alters gowns for Barbara Streisand. Yikes & wow at the same time! :)

I didn't want this to break my pockets… But Mina was very reasonable & she knows her stuff. From the moment she put her hands on my dress I felt like I was being nipped & tucked from the dress surgeon & that was just our first fitting for her to see what I needed & she didn't even put a needle in it. I left her parlor feeling at ease & stress free.

I had a two week turnaround & I now have my dress ready for my big day next month (my fiance will probably cry when he sees me in it). It fits like a glove!!!!. Mina put in breasts pads plus added a bustle so I could dance & get my boogie on (all inclusive) YEH!!!

I love Mina I will get all my gowns altered by her & I suggest you get yours done by her as well. Remember you get what you pay for. Thanks for reading ;)

Nadyia Jones

Mina is amazing- she went above and beyond tailoring my dress to fit. It was a size 10 from Glamour Closet, & I'm a size 2, so her work was cut out for her, but I tried it on today and it fit like a glove & is gorgeous.

Also she was willing to make a few major design changes on the dress that I wanted, after discussing it with me & giving me her feedback. A lot of people are mentioning that she's busy- well, I don't know about you, but I don't feel comfortable eating in deserted restaurants, & I certainly wouldn't take my wedding dress to someone who didn't have a reputation for quality, which creates demand. Plus, I suddenly had to move, & she moved up my final fitting a week without hesitating, despite her schedule, & is making final adjustments in a matter of days so that I can take the dress with me when I move out of town. Oh- one more thing- because my dress was a sample, it needed a bit of cleaning on the sash (but nowhere else), so when I first dropped it off, she took the (very much attached) sash off & suggested I take it by itself to get dry cleaned- that way I wouldn't have to pay for the whole dress to be cleaned. This saved me probably hundreds of $$s... I highly recommend.

Emily G.
Los Angeles, CA

Highly recommended!

I took my '3sizes-too-big,' lace & crystal Jenny Packham dress to be altered by Mina. I was referred to Mina by the Glamour Closet sample sale boutique where I purchased the dress.

I have been incredibly impressed by the customer service received from Mina & Ardy. Originally I was bit skeptical about only email correspondence, but was delighted with quick replies, thorough information, & all with an upbeat tone...much better than having to call during business hours & leave messages!

In person, Mina made me comfortable right away...a far cry from the appallingly rude tailor I saw several weeks ago!! From the first few moments I was 100% confident in the changes she would make & the rapport we would have. Mina listened to my concerns, assessed the dress & was knowledgeable & realistic about what could be done.

Thanks, Mina!

Valerie I.
Canyon Country, CA

Mina did a wonderful job on my wedding dress. She is very skillful and definitely knows what she is doing. I bought a Pronovias dress at Glamour Closet and it was too big, too long, and needed a lot of adjustments. Mina was able to take it in, hem it, add cups to the bust and add a gorgeous french bustle. She made it fit perfectly. At my last fitting she was kind enough to make more alterations to make sure I was completely happy with the dress. I am so happy I chose Mina to alter my wedding dress, you will have no regrets!

Thanks Mina I can't wait to wear it on October 1st!!

Kim B.
Long Beach, CA

It's very reassuring to know that there are still people who are experts at their craft and have amazing customer service. Mina was wonderful to work with. She worked on my wedding dress in only two weeks and made it even more beautiful than it was before. I feel lucky to have found her and am so excited to wear my dress. Thank you Mina, you're extraordinary and I will tell every bride I know about you!!!

Courtney L.
Los Angeles, CA

I bought my wedding dress online and it did not fit me at all. I took the dress to Mina. She was really nice and very patient with me. Even though given only 3 weeks for her to do alteration, she was able to finish my dress before time. And I was very happy with the result. The dress fits me perfectly. It looked much better than I expected.

Bee S.
Los Angeles, CA

My dress was everything I could have imagined and more. I needed a great deal of alterations - waist, straps, length, cut off the train and added a french bustle. and it was perfect! thank you Mina.

Kate M.
Formosa Beach, CA

Mina is amazing! A trip to her studio is a whimsical treat!!!! She exceeded my expectations on all levels. She is a true miracle maker, and would recommend her to ANYONE!!!! So lucky and blessed to have found her.

Megan M.
Los Angeles, CA

I had gained a pound or two and my dress would not zip up. At this point my wedding was only a month and half away and I began panicking right away. Mina and I we talked about changing the back from a zip up to a lace up in order to give me the extra room. Considering the fact that I was a mess, Mina was extremely kind to even take this job... but thankfully she did.

Every fitting from there on out was great. I had to come in about 4 separate times but it was worth it to know that we were getting things just right. The lace up that she changed the back to is beautiful and now my dress fits perfectly. Because the dress is kind of cheaply made things didn't lay right in some areas but she made sure to fix all of that. . I absolutely recommend Mina to everyone. It's not worth it to take your chances somewhere else. She knows what she's doing and truly cares about making you look as beautiful as possible on your special day. She is the best!

Kellie Pizza
Santa Monica

Thank you, Mina, for making me look absolutely beautiful on my wedding day! I have a Kenneth Pool wedding dress that is extremely intricate with beading all over the bodice. The dress was too big and had to be altered. I was very leery of taking my beautiful dress to some random bridal shop and searched far and wide for the best seamstress in the area, which is how I came across Mina.

When we first brought the dress to her, I was so worried that something would go wrong and I would end up with an ill-fitting wedding dress. I am so glad I brought my dress to Mina because she is incredible - she is so talented. She turned my beautiful, yet ill-fitting wedding dress into a dress that was literally made to fit my body like a glove.

Mina, thank you again for your amazing work on my wedding dress. I cannot thank you enough - you truly are making my day!

Kim Utterson
Marina Del Rey, CA

Mina was awesome. Very professional and the work was exceptional. I felt like a princess in my dress and very comfortable. Thank you, Mina!

Luba B.
Los Angeles, CA

I really cannot express enough how amazing Mina is! In an industry that is filled with vendors trying to rip you off and get you to pay a premium for sub-par service, Mina is a breath of fresh air.

I brought my wedding dress to Mina two months ago to begin my alterations. I told her the budget I wanted to stay under and she agreed that we could do everything. I know for a fact that the exact same thing I had done to my dress would've cost triple at a bridal salon.

Mina added pearls down the back of my dress. They are gorgeous high quality buttons that makes the dress absolutely perfect. She added a simple bustle which is easy to pin up. She added a new zipper down the back. She sewed in cups at the top and pinned down some fabric. She added boning down the sides—she highly recommended I do this so that it doesn't bunch up around my hips...genius!)She added pockets to my reception dress. She even made a minor alteration to a chiffon bow on my shoes. All for a really, really reasonable price I was very happy to pay!

To top it all off, Mina is knowledgeable without being pushy. She's sweet and honest. She won't try to talk you into doing things to your dress you don't need, but will offer suggestions of things that a bride might not even realize could be helpful. If I could give Mina 10 stars I would. She is a dream come true!!

Julia Bruno
Los Angeles, CA

Let me start by saying a word of advice to all brides. Never compromise on what you want, or settle on a dress because you feel it's "fine" or "reasonable". You'll live with regret.

Mina took my dress and transformed it a beautiful, ethereal, magnificent and truly couture dress that took my breath away (and even more importantly, my husband's!).

She's a miracle and a true talent. I would high recommend her, whether she is rebuilding a disaster into a dream, altering and existing dress or creating something for you from scratch.

Smileen G.
Los Angeles, CA

I had my wedding dress, a free evening, and 3 weeks until my flight to my destination wedding. I had managed to find the perfect dress, so one major item was checked off my list, but it just so happened to be 2 sizes too big, and have intricate wave-like bead work encircling it just below the bust. After searching to find the best of the best, I narrowed it down to Mina.

I looked up her hours and location on here and then called her up when I was outside of her door. She told me she only works by appointment (if I'd been thinking a little more clearly I might've thought of that beforehand), but that she could get me in 30 minutes.

When I walked into Mina's studio, practically the first thing I blurted out was "I need to have this altered, and I need it in less than 3 weeks, so it's okay with me if the beads aren't perfect". Mina looked at the dress and then she turned very calmly to me and said "Don't worry. It will be perfect."

My stress totally vanished, and even better, she really did make it perfect. Less than a week later it is done, fits amazingly, the beads are perfect, and the dress looks gorgeous! I really can't be happier. I still have 2 weeks until my flight, and my wedding dress is sitting in my closet, totally ready to go. That's such a huge weight off my shoulders.

Mina was such a pleasure to work with! She's very calm and so sweet. Her prices are very reasonable, too, considering how much work and time it takes to make such major alterations. If you happen to be shopping around for a tailor before finding your dress, she also had 3 beautiful wedding dresses on display that she had designed and created. If you already have your dress, but it doesn't fit quite right, definitely go see Mina—she will make it perfect!

Melonie Peterson G.
Los Angeles, CA

I found Mina and she got such great reviews I figured I should give her a try. She was very friendly and professional from the moment I met her and instilled me with great confidence. It also helped that her space is filled with beautiful wedding dresses because it made me feel like she can work with any kind of dress.

She did a wonderful job on my dress. All of the alterations are perfect and you can't tell anything was ever done to the dress. She took it in at the waist, hemmed the bottom, and puts darts in the chest area. She even took it in again when I went for my final fitting and had lost more weight. I have recommended her to friends and feel that if you want someone to do a great job on your wedding dress, look no further.

Bailey P.
Los Angeles, CA

Mina just finished my wedding dress, and it fits me perfectly. I bought my dress in New York, but we made a sudden move back to California so I had to find someone in LA to do my fitting. I searched online, and I went to Mina. She will do exactly what you want, and, if you aren't sure, she will help steer you in the right direction. My dress is all lace, and she has made it fit like a glove. Mina knows what she is doing, so just go to her and don't worry about being stressed. She will make you look terrific.

Janie Hadad
Los Angeles, CA

Look no further if you're looking for high-quality alterations on your wedding dress, whether it's bringing it down several sizes, requires elaborate bead work or just needs to a simple hemming.

I brought my wedding dress to Mina since it was a bit baggy in the boob area (boooo for asian boobs) and her quick response, fast work and sweet demeanor made the process super smooth. The dress came out perfectly and looked like it had just come straight from the store!

Thank you, Mina, for all your talent!

Moye Isnimoto
Los Angeles, CA

I brought my wedding dress to Mina in August of last year, and I'm so glad that I did. It was 2 sizes too big and too long. She made it fit perfectly for my October wedding. She also added bustles to it so I was able to freely dance at my reception without dragging my dress around and people stepping on it.

She is so sweet and very reasonable in price. Mina is simply the best!

Michelle N.
Los Angeles, CA

I needed someone to alter and add some stuff to my wedding gown and found Mina online and read all the reviews. She was warm and friendly from the start! She added BEAUTIFUL cap sleeves on my originally tube top dress and it looked gorgeous! I felt amazing on my wedding day and am happy I found her! She was worth every penny!

Phoebe Rustia
West Los Angeles, CA

My wedding dress didn't arrive until 3 weeks before the wedding. I needed quick and expert alterations done, but I had no idea where to go. I searched online for local tailors until I found Mina. The reviews were raves. Mina took my appointment the day I got the dress. She pinned, cut, and then told me I would have it back within one week. She smiled as she said to me, "So you won't be stressed out." What a wonderful lady.

Mina really is the best in L.A. I saw some expensive dresses, (my dress was cheap in comparison) being worked on in her studio. Nevertheless, she took good care of me and my dress was perfectly altered.

Diana Migo
Los Angeles, CA

I had bought my wedding dress off of the internet and the fit wasn't quite right. Mina did a great job and let me meet her on the weekend and pick up the dress in the evening. She is a very sweet lady and did a wonderful job. I thought the prices were a little high but I checked around and it seemed about right for Los Angeles. I have never had a dress altered let alone a wedding dress so I was unsure of the price. She fitted the bust area wonderfully and put in a beautiful bustle for the train. Her place of business is very neat and orderly and she is very professional. The fittings were private. I would recommend her to anyone.

Cyndi S.
Los Angeles, CA

Mina was great! I needed a hem on my hand-made, silk wedding dress, so I wanted to be sure I went to the best. Mina was professional and very sweet. The dress looked perfect! I highly recommend her services.

Megan Smithyman
Santa Monica, CA

I came across Mina's reviews a few months ago when I was in serious need of a good, quick and affordable seamstress for my wedding gown. I am so glad I went to her; she fixed my dress to fit me perfectly when my original dressmaker wouldn't (even though I paid them)! She fixed the skirt (despite the intricacies of the layers) and the top very quickly and I got my dress back just in time for my wedding. Mina definitely made my potential wedding dress debacle into a nice, pleasant experience!

Fannie H.
Los Angeles, CA

Due to my busy life and schedule I made the mistake of ordering my dress(es) online, they took forever to arrive and then were very BAD quality. With only a month to my wedding Mina made me a beautiful dress from scratch ... IT was perfect and everything I could want. She is an amazing and talented tailor!! I would recommend her to my friends and all brides. Her experience, professionalism and skill were what saved my special day. I was lucky to find such a wonderful and talented tailor. I know one day I will use her again!

Allison Weathers
Beverly Hills, CA

Mina is a life saver! When I ordered my dreamy Lanvin wedding dress I could only hope that it was the right size, but sadly it was more than two sizes two small in the bust which I was sure couldn't be fixed.

I visited Mina and when I asked if she could fix it she simply said "I haven't met a dress I couldn't fix". And she was right. She made it fit, and then some. She fitted the bust a little better and turned a strange extra piece of fabric into a stunning flower. And she whipped together a lovely veil in like five minutes. She is absolutely amazing and such a pleasure to work with. She's the sweetest thing and I would recommend her to anyone.

Christine U.
Los Angeles, CA

Mina was incredibly helpful, professional and flexible when it came to altering my silk wedding dress. She clearly is very skilled and my dress turned out beautifully! Although she doesn't offer recommendations, you can see that she works on couture clothes. She noticed things that could be improved on my dress that I never would have seen, and her services were reasonably priced. Anyone who wants a real professional to work on a special item of clothing should go to Mina.

Catherine Fink
Los Angeles, CA

I bought a wedding dress on sale from David's Bridal. It was perfect except that I wanted sleeves and it was strapless. Enter Mina, seamstress extraordinaire. She created beautiful sleeves and I loved them so much I asked her to add some of the lace from the sleeves to the lower portion of the dress. She was creatively flexible, reliable and quick. Everyone at our wedding commented on and loved my dress.

Juliet White
Los Angeles, CA

I had such a great experience with Mina. I am having a "budget" wedding yet needed high-quality alterations on my silk wedding gown. I was so happy to find Mina, she was able to hem my dress and also alter the top of my dress for a very reasonable price. I trusted her immediately when I met her and she didn't let me down. I highly recommend her.

Lisa Hirsch
Los Angeles, CA

Mina is wonderful! I showed up on her door crying from my horrid ------------ experience and she put me at ease immediately. From the moment I handed her my dress I stopped worrying about it, and she took care of it quickly and efficiently. She altered my wedding gown that was 2 sizes too big and made it fit like it was custom-made for me! She added things I never even thought of, and fitted it so comfortably that I didn't even have to wear a corset underneath. She is amazing and I can't say enough good things about her! I highly recommend her, look no further for your seamstress!

Rebecca Yrizarry
Culver City, CA

Mina is hands down the most talented, kind, thoughtful, and overall PERFECT designer/tailor in the world in my opinion! The planning of my wedding has been nothing but stressful, and once I met Mina, I knew that the one thing I did not need to stress about was my dress! My wedding dress means so much to me, and Mina designed every seam and detail to my figure!

Although I purchased my dress in a salon, Mina was able to make suggestions as to how to better shape the dress to my body, and I have never felt more beautiful in my life. Her attention to detail is impeccable and her kindness and generosity of her time made me feel so comfortable during the dress fitting experience.

She makes you feel like you and your dress are the most important pieces in the world :) Mina also provided amazing and clear communication during the entire process which was so professional and kept me informed along the way... AMAZING! In addition, Mina also worked on a dress of mine for my Bridal Shower which was yesterday. I have never received more comments in my life over a dress, and everyone kept asking about Mina as they want to experience all of her talents as well.

Having worked in the fashion industry, I know the difference between perfection and not...and believe, Mina's work is beyond perfection. If I would have found her sooner, I would have skipped dress shopping, and would have asked her to hand design a gown...I will just have to save that for when I renew my vows! :) A must go for every bride, do not think twice, she will make your wedding day PERFECT!!!

Sasha Manchado
Long Beach, CA

After seeing all the great reviews, how could I not get a consult from Mina??

I have to admit, I was intimidated at first... after all, I've never had a fitting for anything before, and I didn't know what to expect. And here I was, entrusting someone else with a dress for one of the most important days of my life, not to mention, something that I paid a good chunk of change for.

But I would have to say, that the dress alterations was the EASIEST part of planning this wedding! Mina has a great eye for design and can tell you what needs to be done with your dress in seconds. I thought I only needed my dress hemmed, but as it turned out, the reason why it felt long was because the bodice was too big and it was dragging the dress down. After the first fitting, I looked like I lost 10 pounds! And Mina fixed some trim that I didn't like for NO additional charge.

Mina is straight-forward and fair, and does not try to take advantage of you. She gives you options so that you can stay within your budget and truly cares about your big day. If you are looking for someone to "sweet-talk" you into doing business with them, Mina is not for you. But if you want someone that is highly-experienced, skilled, and if you want to be worry-free with your alterations, you won't be disappointed!

Thank you for your hard work, Mina, and it was a pleasure working with you!!

Chris C.
Los Angeles, CA

From the beginning, Mina was incredibly professional. Her studio is beautiful and she is extremely friendly and organized. I came to her with a dress that needed serious alterations - including lifting off the lace, cutting and stitching the lace back on the dress - and basically redoing the shape of the dress altogether.

I went by on Friday to try it on for the first time since the alterations and it looked amazing! She had done extensive tailoring that made the dress fit that much more beautifully.

Mina is a spectacular seamstress who is incredibly detail oriented, professional and experienced. She is a doll and I couldn't recommend her enough.

Jessica Schwanhawsser
Los Angeles, CA

I am so thrilled with the service I received from Mina! I am a reality TV editor and I was supposed to be out of work for about four weeks leading up to my wedding, so I put a lot of stuff off to get it done at that time. Then, of course, I booked a job that lead right up until my wedding date! As far as wedding planning went, I had VERY little time to get everything done.

When I first went in to meet Mina, I was a complete mess, trying to get to work on time, and forgetting to bring the deposit, and all kinds of craziness! But Mina was completely understanding, and she was able to see me early in the morning which was wonderful!

My dress was full lace and I knew it was going to be a big job to do the alterations. The price was exactly what I expected it to be, and later on in the process we discovered we needed more bustles in the dress than we originally thought and she was so kind and did not charge me for the extra work.

In the end, I was ecstatic about the results. The dress fit me like a glove and when it is bustled it looks just stunning! I got so many compliments on my wedding day and one little girl actually thought I was a real princess! :o)

Mina is fabulous, I would and will recommend her to everyone I know who is getting married!

Michael Lynn
Panorama City, CA

I had 2 weeks till my wedding. I was searching for a great tailor who would take me and finish on time.

I came across Mina's web site, emailed her, made an appointment and met with her. She is professional, fast, and skillful. My dress was ready in two days! I was very happy, and appreciated her commitment to detail and perfection. I gave a big hug and have kept in touch with her ever since. I would gladly recommend her to everybody who wants to get the job done fast and perfect. All I have to say is thank you Mina!

Simona Vavrova
Sunland, CA

I was really worried about taking my gown to just anyone since It had a lot of beading on it. I found Mina - she had excellent reviews and one of the reviewers mentioned that their gown also had intricate beading and that Mina was able to her gown without any problems.

I called Mina and she was able to give me an appointment the next day. She was very sweet and polite on the phone and warned me to read the parking signs on her street so that I would not get a ticket which was very thoughtful.

My experience with Mina was sooo stress-free. Once I brought my gown in she gave me an estimated time to complete as well as a price range of what she was expecting the alterations to cost. Mind you the high end of the price range was lower than what the bridal salon had quoted me. I ended up paying the lower end of the price range which was great and my gown was ready a week earlier than projected. For the kind of service that I got from Mina I would have honestly expected to pay much more. She was never in a rush to be done with our appointment - this is the kind of treatment that I got when I went to pick up my gown from the bridal shop. My dress was altered flawlessly - you couldn't even tell that it had been worked on and it fit perfectly.

Mina was also very sweet to follow up after our wedding to see how it went and asked for pictures. She really does provide you with a personalized service.

Sheena S.
San Fernando Valley, CA

I found Mina Design and Tailoring online and it was such a blessing. I agreed to be in a wedding and ordered the dress 8 months before I got pregnant and it the dress needed a complete overhaul. Mina took a dress that really needed to be taken completely apart and she fit it to my expanding body perfectly. I almost cried when I tried the dress on after her work because it looked great. I highly recommend Mina to everyone for small jobs or complete redesign like I needed. She is a miracle worker!!

I also must comment on the wedding dresses on display in her studio. GORGEOUS. They are truly couture gowns.

Thank you, Mina, for saving me from having to bail out of my best friend's wedding because the dress didn't fit and making me feel great on that special day!!!

Amy Palcic
Los Angeles, CA

Mina is awesome! I bought my dress at MelissaSweet and didn't want to go to just anyone to alter the dress since it was expensive. Fit is just as important as the style of the dress, right? I had to take in the dress a little less than a month before the wedding and she was able to pull it off!! The dress fit me like a glove, she was able to do a complicated alter on my train, and made me look like I had some amazing curves~ very polite and always easy to reach which is a huge plus since I'm always busy. Recommending tailors for wedding dress can get really tricky, but I would recommend mina to any bride in a heartbeat.

Debora Yim
Los Angeles, CA

I had a wonderful experience with Mina. I first contacted Mina over the phone, and she asked the date of the wedding and a picture of my wedding dress before making appointments for alteration. This was perfect as I had purchased 3 dresses!!!

She was always available to answer all my questions which made the whole process easy and smooth. She'll also give realistic estimate of the cost, and works within your budget.

She gave me some great advice and helped me pick one dress out of the three. I also wanted to make some changes to my dress, and Mina's suggestions were priceless.

I am so happy with the end result and my dress fits beautifully.

I had a great experience with her and I strongly recommend her to all future brides.

Good luck :)

Sara Motee
Beverly Hills, CA

I was so happy to have found Mina! I brought my wedding dress to her and she was simply amazing! She helped take it in, added a bustle so I could dance, and made me feel very special every step of the way. She was able to work with my silk, lace and beaded fabric with such professionalism, that my dress fit perfectly and looked beautiful. I highly recommend her.

La Canada Flintridge, CA

The only way that I could describe the look of my wedding gown after Mina altered it is... exquisite! Her experience and workmanship was truly reflected in the final outcome of my gown.

Mina is pleasant to work with, always flexible with her time, and is a true master of her craft. For the average bride (like myself), her prices may seem a little high, but I decided that it was worth it to pay the price for peace of mind. I bought my dress from a shop that received horrible reviews about its alteration department. The dress was also sold to me off the rack in a size 12 and I am a size 6. By the time I had realized this, I had already bought the dress.

Mina altered my gown to a custom fit that is comfortable and beautiful.

Cristela Gonzalez
Glendale, CA

Mina was amazing!

I originally had my wedding gown altered by the tailor my bridal shop recommended and $200 later she had completely destroyed the gown. I brought it to Mina and she made magic happen!

She has made me the happiest bride ever! She completely transformed my dress with her amazing tailoring skills. In addition, she tailored 2 other dresses for me, which now fit like a glove.

If you'd like to work with someone that is exceptionally skilled, extremely friendly, and professional then I suggest Mina without any hesitation.

Erica Collins
West Hollywood, CA

Mina is amazing! She did a perfect job altering my wedding dress, which had 4 layers and was 2 sizes too big. She was kind, completely professional, detail-oriented, and produced extremely high-quality work in a timely manner. She really has a remarkable eye for detail and is a perfectionist when it comes to how a dress looks and fits.

I would recommend her to everyone.

I contacted her 8 weeks before my wedding (with a dress that needed lots of tailoring), and she still got it back to me in plenty of time.

Thank you Mina for being so easy to work with and for making my dress fit perfectly!

Sarah Shoff
Studio City

I found Mina after reading all her great reviews.

Every fitting was great! I had to come in about 4 separate times but it was worth it to know that we were getting things just right. The lace-up that she changed the back to is beautiful and now my dress fits perfectly.

Because the dress is kind of cheaply made things didn't lay right in some areas but she made sure to fix all of that. We also ended up having to add extra bustles to the dress because my train was soooo long in addition to what she had already done and she was so nice that she didn't even charge me for those extra ones.

I absolutely recommend Mina to everyone. It's not worth it to take your chances somewhere else. She knows what she's doing and truly cares about making you look as beautiful as possible on your big day!

Los Angeles, CA

Mina did an amazing job on my wedding dress. It needed to be taken in at both the waist and bust, as well as hemmed. I found her online and was a bit worried that I didn't have a personal recommendation, but she had such great reviews I decided to take a chance. It was worth it.

From the moment you walk into her studio and see all of the beautiful dresses, you know you are in good hands.

I met with her several times and each time she was warm and kind, as well as confident and supportive of all my needs. I was supposed to pick up my dress after my second fitting, but I had lost more weight and Mina felt it needed to be taken in more. She did this without a problem and my dress was ready in more than enough time. At the wedding, I received many compliments on my dress!

People said that my dress looked like it was made to fit my body — and that was all thanks to Mina and her wonderful work.

Jayne Silver
Los Angeles, CA

Mina did my wedding gown - I found her online - and it fits perfectly! She is a very skilled tailor - you can trust her with your gown. Mine fits me like a glove, and people think I had it custom-made!

Los Angeles, CA

I received my wedding dress in the mail 7 months after I ordered it...2 months to go until the wedding. I needed an expert to help me because of the design of the dress. It was way too long and although I know nothing about sewing, I knew it would be really hard to shorten it. I had 2 alternatives: (1) find someone I can absolutely trust, or (2) buy another dress that will fit me without alterations. :)

After searching high and low online, I found Mina and decided to give it a shot. Yes, her address in BH scared me, but I need someone with great skills so I don't have to stress about the dress.

I felt very welcome once I stepped into her work studio. Lots of privacy, Mina is so experienced and respectful of her clients. Just a sweet lady that I knew I could trust because you can tell that she cares about her work and people.

She gave me a quote and told me that I could take it elsewhere for price comparison, but I didn't. I left my dress with her and trust that she'll do a good job. I was right! :)

I went back for my first fitting yesterday and almost cried. I can't believe the magic that she did. Ahhh... if there's one thing I'm not stressing about for the wedding, it is the beautiful dress that Mina is working on for me. Highly, highly recommended. I love people who have passion for their work and they take pride in it. Mina is good at what she does! On top of that it has been a really pleasant experience working with her.

Los Angeles, CA

My wedding dress didn't arrive until 3 weeks before the wedding. I needed quick and expert alterations done, but I had no idea where to go. I searched online for local tailors until I found Mina. There were very few reviews but they were raves.

Mina took my appointment the day I got the dress. She pinned, cut, and told me I would have it back within one week. She smiled as she said to me, "So you won't be stressed out." What a wonderful lady. Mina really is the best in L.A. I saw some expensive dresses, (my dress was cheap in comparison!) being worked on in her studio. Nevertheless, she took good care of me and my dress was perfectly altered.

Los Angeles, CA

I thought my dress was beautiful when I bought it, but after Mina altered it, I liked it ten times more!!! It fits perfectly, the bustling in the back makes it look so elegant, and she even hand-made me a sash with a bow in the back!

Jessica Zejn

She is truly the greatest tailor and seamstress I've ever seen. After losing weight, not only didn’t my favorite clothes fit me anymore, but more importantly my wedding gown was 2 sizes big on me. I went to see the best in town. Now my clothes fit me better than before, my wedding gown looks as if it was custom made for me. You need a professional, ingenious, competent and reasonable tailor that you can trust? Mina is the one for you!

Melody Montreal
Los Angeles, CA

I bought my wedding gown in New York, but I was heading to LA and I wanted to take care of the alterations there during my 12 day stay. I searched online and Mina's impressive reviews caught my eyes. I called and the lady told me that they would make appointments by email and asked me to include pictures of my wedding dress on me, as well as my wedding date, and my budget in my email. The picture I had in mind about tailors-- an old man or woman with glasses and hearing problems began to fade away, especially when they responded that they could add something, trim, lace, fabric, to the bottom of my dress to lengthen it and could easily take it in although he top was fully beaded.

From the airport, I went directly to her studio and amazingly saw tens of samples of trims and fabric ready for me to match with my dress. The image of the tailor that I had in my head changed completely to a modern, sharp, creative, and sweet lady-- using the email and modern technology to save me a lot of time. Although she knew my budget was $1200, she estimated my alterations would cost $850-$950, and I only paid $860. This is unheard of!!! The sweetest part was that two day before my flight, I woke up to an email that Mina personally sent me. It just read "Are you ready for your dress?" with a picture of my beautiful wedding dress on one of her mannequins.

Los Angeles, CA

I needed someone to alter and add some stuff to my wedding gown and found Mina online and read all the reviews. She was warm and friendly from the start! She added BEAUTIFUL cap sleeves on my originally tube top dress and it looked gorgeous!

I felt amazing on my wedding day and am happy I found her!

Los Angeles, CA

I needed a simple hem on my wedding dress, but since it was hand dyed silk I wanted to be sure I had it done by a pro!

Mina is THE BEST! Quick, professional, and very kind... I recommend her highly!

Los Angeles, CA

I had a couture wedding dress that was about 4 sizes too big. I found Mina and was confident she could make it work.

I wanted the dress to be taken in, and I wanted the back made into a deep "V". The most important thing was that I didn't want to ruin the integrity of the lines of the dress. It's a simple, architectural silk Carmeuse gown....so every stitch and seam matters and every line shows.

I came for a fitting 1 week before my wedding and Mina nailed it - she made the dress even more stunning than the original design (with a perfect "V" in the back!) and made it fully functional and comfortable (she sewed in a hidden bra that fit like a glove, etc.).

It was my dream wedding dress - - and more than that, it's now a piece of art - thanks to the lovely and extremely skilled Mina....

Amber Dodson

I loved my wedding dress but it definitely didn't fit me well when I bought it. In the rush of wedding planning, I put off getting alterations, leaving me with not much time to get quite a lot done to the dress.

A friend recommended Mina highly (and her perfectly-fitted wedding dress was its own recommendation) and, sure enough, not only was Mina very sweet and supportive, but we also did four fittings in just about three weeks, each with substantial improvements, to get it *just* right. Best of all she maintained the integrity of the dress (fabric, construction, detail work) while making fairly major changes to the fit.

At the wedding, multiple people told me that my dress looked like it had been made for me...and believe me, it did not start out looking that way! Mina took a beautiful dress and made it look beautiful on me. I can't recommend her highly enough!

Lara P.
Los Angeles, CA

I wanted to make sure my dress was perfect, as I was maid of honor in my sister's wedding. Mina took extra care to make sure that the dress fit perfectly. She was a doll, and exceptionally talented.

Beautiful work

Lindsey Hirschom
West Hollywood

Having bad luck with internet findings, I skeptically scheduled an appointment. I was pleasantly surprised to meet with such a wonderful woman, yet her work remained to be seen. I just picked up my dress and was blown away with her work.

It was readily apparent that she takes joy in her work and details. Mina was friendly and professional at the same time, but most importantly her work is excellent to boot.

I'd refer everyone I know to this woman! Thank you Mina!!!

Danna Gomez
Los Angeles, CA

Mina has to be one of the best designers/tailors I have ever seen.

I had a dress that everyone else said was impossible to tailor, and she not only did it, but she got it back to me the next day...

She has to be the best in Los Angeles and Beverly Hills... if not the world! I guess that's why celebrities and high-end stores use her (I was told that she is essentially who a majority of the people go to when they are going to an award show, etc)

I highly suggest her to anyone!

Jessica Stern
Beverly Hills, CA

I would recommend Mina to anyone!

She was such a pleasure to work with, and her work was impeccable. She basically rebuilt my dress to fit me perfectly, and you couldn't tell at all!

One of my bridesmaids just got engaged and plans on using her too. She isn't the cheapest, but she is worth every penny!

Thank you Mina!

Alissa Riach
Los Angeles, CA

I just want to start off by saying that Mina was ABSOLUTELY WONDERFUL!!!!!!!!!!!!

She was kind and courteous and very accommodating from the moment I called to ask her to alter my wedding dress. I found her last year through Yahoo – after reading the wonderful reviews, I decided to give her a try and I must say that she did not disappoint. She exceeded my expectations of her and her cost was less than half the price the bridal salon was going to charge me.

I recommend Mina 100%.

Alexa Young
Los angeles, CA

I liked two different designs for my wedding dress, but I was not in love with either. I liked the bottom of one and top of the other one. With this idea, I emailed my information, budget, wedding date, pictures and asked if they could help. I was amazed that they were very transparent and at the same time helpful. I immediately added them to my bridal registry was... who needs another toaster?!!

In my first appointment, Mina made very helpful suggestions and I am happy that I took them. She had the most beautiful silk dutch in stock, and I did not have to go through any trouble for fabric shopping. I got the best.

My wedding gown turned out much better than I expected it and best of all it's mine and you cannot see it in every bridal shop!

Los Angeles, CA

I went to Mina and she was so amazing!!! I had bought a Maggie Sottero dress and she made it go from drab to fab!!! I would recommend going to her if you want to improve the over all appearance of your wedding dress. Mina was also very sweet and catered to all my dress needs! She made me feel like my dress looking perfect on my wedding day was her top priority. She has a natural eye for what looks good!

Los Angeles, CA

I was a bridesmaid for my little sister's wedding and we picked out the cutest bridesmaid dresses. I put on a few pounds and my dress became a little too tight. Thank goodness I had Mina at my rescue. She took the dress out an inch and fixed the bust for me. Mina did an amazing job. She did things to the dress I never imagined could be done. She also had a very sweet disposition and extremely clean work area. I would recommend going to Mina over any other. Not to mention the price was right. Mina takes a lot of pride in her work and she is a natural miracle worker with detailed beading and personal designs!! Thank you Mina!!!

Los Angeles, CA

Mina is so professional and also a very nice lady.

She is very easy to work with. She is extremely detail-oriented. I brought my wedding gown to her. The gown was full lace and beading. She did an impeccable job with all the hand-detailing that this dress required. She is very patient and she had no problems working around my schedule. I was extremely happy with the dress when I picked it up. It fit perfectly and looked absolutely beautiful when it was finished. I would definitely go back to her and recommend her to everyone as well.

Robyn Boothe
Los Angeles, CA

I looked for a tailor through a Google search for my wedding dress. I am so glad I found Mina! She was incredibly professional and she really helped me with my budget. I felt comfortable leaving my dress with her after our meeting. (Something that is hard to do for a bride-to-be!) I would definitely recommend her.

Jessica Mathews
Burbank, CA

Mina is beyond amazing. I was lost about having my wedding dress altered. After reading all of her reviews, I took a chance and could not have been happier with my choice.

I never thought I would feel as beautiful as I did when I put on my altered gown. Up until that moment, I hadn't truly felt like a bride, but Mina's work is just that incredible. I'm short and curvy, and this dress looks like it was custom made for my body. She is absolutely talented at what she does.

I cannot say enough great things about her. I truly am grateful for giving me something I hadn't yet felt. She's very fast too! I absolutely recommend her and her work, 100%.

Ari Gomez
Long Beach, CA

I bought my dress several months before my wedding but came to hate it overtime. Instead of buying a new dress, I decided to bring it to Mina to get it altered so that it would be more of what I like.

She was upfront about the price and I felt she had my best interest in mind. As the wedding date approached, I lost weight and the dress was a little loose. She offered to take it in at no charge.

I loved my dress on my wedding day because she changed the shape and made it into something that I would love to wear.

As for the comment that she only takes brand name stuff...I'm not sure what others experienced, but I got my dress from David's Bridal, and she didn't have any problem with altering it.

L D.
League City, TX

I'm new to Southern California and needed to find someone who was an expert on altering a wedding dress. I did not want to take the risk of having someone ruin my wedding dress, especially after hearing about horror stories of brides whose wedding dresses were ruined by inexperience tailor/seamstresses.

I found Mina on Yelp after reading her high reviews there. She was quick to respond and I was in and out of her studio within a month and a half.

She did an excellent job on altering my wedding dress which had lace and beads all over the train. I did three fittings with her where she hemmed my dress perfectly and dealt with a long train that seemed impossible to bustle which she perfect easily. I'm very impressed by Mina's work and would not hesitate to recommend anyone who needs extra attention and care to get their dress to look perfect on her wedding day. Had I known about Mina's ability to create custom wedding dress, I would have had her create one for me.

Ching Saechao
Garden Grove, CA

Mina altered my wedding dress to perfection, and it was a process. I bought my dress on sale and it was about 8 sizes too big and 2 feet too long.

She basically took it apart and put it back together so that it fit my figure perfectly. I received compliment after compliment on my dress and I really have Mina to thank.

I was really nervous to have Mina alter my dress because I did not know her and only read reviews on Yelp, Wedding Wire, etc.

I HIGHLY recommend her and she is extremely professional and did a perfect job.

Becca B.
Los Angeles, CA

Mina does excellent work! My summer has been filled with numerous weddings and she was able to tailor each dress perfectly and in a timely manner. I would recommend her to anyone who wants a wonderful experience with professional results.

Nancy Olthoff
Venice, CA

When I bought my gown I thought I did a good job picking a gown that complimented my figure, but with Mina's touch and know-how she showed me how much better I could look on my wedding day.

Mina really knows how to alter a gown to compliment a woman's body - I felt like my dress was molded to my figure.

I came to Mina with 4 weeks until my wedding and she never made me feel rushed or like I had to just settle for what had already been done. I went to her at least 3 times and every time she was receptive to hearing about even little changes that I wanted.

When I left with my gown 2 weeks before my wedding I felt so confident and beautiful in it that I couldn't wait to put it on and walk down the aisle.

Truly, if you want a no fuss no worry alterations experience, then go to Mina.

Maggie A.
Los Angeles, CA

I wouldn't take my dresses anywhere else!

I take my clients' dresses to Mina and they are never anything but overjoyed with the results!

Mina is a talented, patient, and kind visionary when it comes to tailoring and design. Her attention to detail, choice of fine fabrics and design aesthetic is incomparable.

When it's time for my wedding dress, there's only one woman for the job... MINA!!!

Dawn M.
Los Angeles, CA

I found Mina Design and Tailoring online and it was such a blessing. I agreed to be in a wedding and ordered the dress 8 months before I got pregnant and it the dress needed a complete overhaul. Mina took a dress that really needed to be taken completely apart and she fit it to my expanding body perfectly. I almost cried when I tried the dress on after her work because it looked great. I highly recommend Mina to everyone for small jobs or complete redesign like I needed. She is a miracle worker!!

I also must comment on the wedding dresses on display in her studio. GORGEOUS. They are truly couture gowns.

Thank you, Mina, for saving me from having to bail out of my best friend's wedding because the dress didn't fit and making me feel great on that special day!!!"

Amy P.
Los Angeles, CA