We are a highly skilled bridal atelier specializing in couture and beaded bridal design and European tailoring. We have been in business since 1977. Mina's dresses have been center piece of many weddings, award ceremonies, the Emmy's, Academy Awards, Oscars, and a slew of some high profile dinners and functions! Our dresses have also been featured in a variety of wedding and fashion magazines!

Our way of operating is very unique and unfamiliar to some. We do not sweet talk to get your business. We are upfront and right to the point. That is one of the reasons we have become so popular amongst those wanting the best, and has distinguished us from the others. Our focus is to provide the best results and look for our brides, not to provide the best PR and advertising for ourselves! We offer the best and most comprehensive services and bridal accessories in the industry.

We only work on bridal gowns, and occasionally on evening gowns and worthy article of clothing that come with large budgets. We custom design and custom make bridesmaid's dresses ONLY if they are considered evening gowns and paid for accordingly. We alter them only if the fit matters to the client and paid for the quality accordingly. Due to the nature of our specialty, the high level of our work, and our limited openings, we are unable to provide free consultations, work on casual clothing, or small jobs.

Our unlimited ability and higher skill, as well as our can-do attitude, open a whole world of varieties and possibilities—being able to choose and have options is priceless.

We require a reasonable and sufficient budget to set an appointment, since we offer our brides only the highest level of quality and design in every bridal gown, bridal accessories, and projects. We are perfectionists and detail-oriented, which benefits our brides. However, that makes us unable to provide any free services, estimate any costs, or provide any suggestions without seeing the bride and getting all the details in person and seeing her dress if alterations are needed!

We custom design, custom-make, replicate, combine designs, modify, restyle, add embellishments, and provide customized couture bridal alterations customized to the bride’s body. We also custom-make and sell wedding belts, bridal hair accessories, and bridal veils. We are helpful to religious brides and others with any kind of modification or build-up, and create custom boleros and jackets. We can work on any type of gown, no matter how detailed, complex and complicated they are, but they must meet the standards, have never been altered, and be in good condition. We do not work on vintage dresses.

We are the best choice for brides who appreciate artistic couture design and customized tailoring, have higher standards, and are aware of the facts that the "fit" matters and best cost more. Those who know their wedding gown is the most important aspect of their wedding and does not deserve cutting corners. Considering our higher skill, our prices are higher than average in LA.

We are by appointment only, however without a long wait. We are not designed to take phone calls, or make calls to our clients. To ensure clear and concise communications and references all appointments and/or inquiries are done through our website and by email only. We respond to emails very quickly—normally same day (if received with enough time to the closing time). We are exceptionally organized and that makes the whole process hassle and stress-free for our brides.

We do not “manufacture” gowns, belts, headbands, hair accessories, or veils— They are made individually and uniquely. Whether the project is alterations on a purchased gown or for a custom-designed and custom-made gown and accessories, nothing is outsourced; all the work is done here.

For a list of our services, please click on the Services tab. To learn more about us, as well as bridal design and tailoring in Los Angeles, please view our FAQs.

Clients Include:

  • Barbra Streisand
  • Kleinfeld
  • Sharon Osbourne
  • Diane Lane
  • Prescilla Presley
  • Paula Abdul
  • Christina Aguilera
  • Les Habitudes
  • Cher